Mika's Toy Scene (BONUS UPDATE!)

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Mika thought it would be cool to try out one of our toy scenes , she had no idea how hardcore our toy scenes can be . i told her to assume the position (face down , ass up) then i grabbed one of our resident monster dildos we call the night stick and shoved it into her dripping wet hole while mika tried to shove an xl butt plug into her anxious asshole . she quivered upon penetration and then i proceeded to beat her pussy up like a redheaded stepchild . shit , i was trying to push her cervix up to her throat . mika realized quick she had a rough playmate . i started to slap up her fat pussy till she got so mad at me she tried to sit up and give me a right hook . so i started fucking her even hard with the dildo causing her to have an explosive orgasm that put her back in check . mika began to have orgasm after orgasm , the action was so intense she damn near passed out on me . mikas pussy and asshole took a real beating in this one , enjoy !

Amai Liu

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amai is cute 80 pound 19 year old chinese slut from jersey . will found this little slut standing all alone on broadway freezing her little ass off in the middle of the biggest snow storm of the year . she was clearly in need of some help , so will ran to her rescue as if he had a cape on his back . apparently she lost her wallet and had no way to get back to jersey . will invited her back to the crib so she could make a phone call . amai wanted to give will something nice for being so kind to her . so she stripped off her clothes , got on her kness and started to suck on wills willie till he was good and hard . will then started to pound on the china dolls tight little pussy . will fucked her all over the crib , even had her hanging from my chin-up bar while we was fucking her from the back . amai was in such of a giving mood she let will the ass . will started to fuck the shit out of her tight little asshole until he shot a load on her face that was big enough to feed a small village in china , later !

Natalie Rose

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nataly rose is a very exotic looking puerto rican/venezuelan slut with a passion for anal sex . she was having a nightcap at a restaurant when we met her . she was looking bored sitting there by herself . will introduced himself and told her the best way for her to end the night would be with a couple of stiff dicks in her ass . before you know it we had her back in the crib getting her asshole rammed out . this slut was a real freak . she made the guys play a game of anal ring toss with her to determine who gets to fuck her ass first . nataly was totally enjoying the beatdown her anal cavity was receiving . she got so out of control she started slapping and scratching the guys , even cursing at them in spanish , later

Nikki Vixen

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we were on another late night creep with our boy william wackett , when we came across this chick nikki . she was by herself waiting for her boyfriend in a train station at 2 in the morning . her boyfriend must not be that bright . you don't leave your slutty ass girlfriend by herself on the streets of n.y . she is bound to get picked up by some sick perverts(like us) and sent back to you with gaping holes dripping with cum . nikki is a natural born beer drinking , tobacco chewing , shit kicking slut from texas , with an ass as big as the great state . nikki could give a fuck if she had a boyfriend . she jumped on wills dick and started riding him like bronco billy on a mechanical bull . we treated nikki like a total slut and sent her cum filled ass back to her boyfriend

Pressley Maddox

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normally the fellas and i are stalking the streets of n.y.c for willing street sluts willing to do anything . this time around we were hanging with pressley maddox and she wanted to find some random guy off the streets to play with . so we all hit the streets to find pressley some dick . it did'nt take long when we came across this guy standing on a corner in hells kitchen . the guy was a little caught off gaurd but before you knew it we had him back in the crib tossing pressley around like a ragdoll , fucking her every which way he could before busting a load in her mouth

Bailey Brooks

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bailey brooks is a ho , ho , ho ! we was hanging out with bailey when she brought to our attention how she has always had a fantasy about fucking santa claus . aint that some funny shit . for the past three years paulie has been earning extra money during the holidays by being one of those mall santas . we decided to make baileys fantasy a reality . so we all headed out to paulies job so we can get him to fuck bailey in his santa suit . on our way to paulies job we find him layed out in the gutter . he got totally wasted and past out , his santa suit was filthy and reaked of piss and vomit . it took a minute but we got paulie back to the crib . bailey unwrapped santas package and started sucking on his candy . this was some funny shit , fuckin paulie had a slice of pizza stashed in his beard which he started to eat while he was getting his dick sucked . the pizza gave him the energy he needed to get him back on his feet and punish baileys naughty pussy . paulie was beating her pussy so hard bailey started to yell out "fuck me santa" , "fuck me santa" till santa dropped a load of eggnog down her throat

Stacy And Ariana

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halloween night is my favorite time of the year . the streets are flooded with horny sluts in skimpy outfits looking to have some naughty fun . take for example these two sexy ebony sluts we met in times square . stacy(the cop) and ariana(snow white) really wanted to get down with each other . when we caught up with them they were on their way home to have fun with each other . we convinced the two muffdivers to let us catch the action on film . they were hesitating at first till we showed them a stack of benjamins that made them more than accept the offer . back at the telly , we sat back and watched the hot girl on girl action unfold . these two sluts were so into each other they did'nt notice black go into their purses and take back the money we gave them